December 8, 2022


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Two electric SUVs on the way from Gordon Murray

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The supercar company is expanding into family SUVs, with at least one model set to wear the GMA mermaid badge.

Gordon Murray has confirmed his company is currently working on bringing two fully-electric SUVs to market.

One of the two electric vehicles will be the first mass-market product from Gordon Murray Automotive, following the limited V12-powered T.50 and T.33 supercars.

Speaking to the UK’s Autocar, Murray – the designer behind the iconic McLaren F1 – confirmed GMA was developing a front-wheel-drive four-seater SUV and an all-wheel-drive five-seater SUV.

The two models would uphold Murray’s design principles with a lightweight, efficient packaging, as well as being aerodynamically efficient and highly manoeuvrable.

The electric SUVs are expected to be priced for maximum buyer appeal, with Murray promising they would “change the way we think about range anxiety and vehicle dynamics”.

While the larger model will likely wear GMA badging, the smaller of the two models is being developed for another manufacturer, and will also spawn a “delivery-van derivative”.

“It can’t be correct to have family cars routinely weighing 2.5 tonnes, yet everyone’s piling into the thing the way OEMs do,” Murray told Autocar.

“We think there’s a better way.”

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