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Tint World: A new auto detailing center open in Killeen | Local News

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A new automotive detailing shop has opened in Killeen at 1704 Carrollton Avenue.

Tint World is a self-proclaimed destination one-stop-shop for all detailing needs, according to the company.

Tint World can help with a large variety of detailing including car alarm systems, remote starts, legal window tinting, exterior lighting, stereo upgrades and more for any kind of vehicle. Tint World is also able to provide tint for businesses or residential windows and even boats.

Co-owners Terry and Elena Rawlins moved to Killeen to start the Bell County location for the franchise. Tint World may be a franchise store, but it is still fully owned and operated by the Rawlins family.

Before coming to Killeen, both of the Rawlins worked in the hotel industry but decided to follow their dreams after COVID-19 caused them to lose their jobs.

“We always loved cars and it was always a hobby. When we lived in Eagle Pass we had built a shop with a lift where we would just work on cars for fun,” Elena Rawlins said. “When COVID hit and we were both laid off, we thought to ourselves ‘Why don’t we do what we really like?’”

“We looked at a whole bunch of franchises and other ways to enter into the automotive business until we decided to go with Tint World.” Terry Rawlins said. “We knew Tint World would be a good fit because they are currently the fastest growing automotive business in the United States.”

Tint World has been providing detailing services since 1982 and has locations in four countries: Canada, U.S, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), and Saudi Arabia, according to the Tint World website.

The franchise currently has 85 stores and is planning to open 35 more by the end of 2022.

“We are Store 109,” Terry Rawlins said proudly.

The Rawlins say they made the conscious choice to set up shop in Killeen.

“I was assigned to the region of Bell County and was given the choice of where we wanted to place the store. We chose Killeen for the car culture that is really present here and on Fort Hood. We are really excited about being in Killeen and being able to provide these services to the people here,” Terry Rawlins said. “This is a destination shop. You come here because you want to detail or modify your car not because something needs to be fixed. It is all something that you want to not that you have to do.”

Tint World is open Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and is currently hiring.

The current positions they are looking to fill are Tinter and 12-volt technician.

Tint World is able to hire and train applicants but is unable to until the store has a main operating team. To apply, call 254-651-1723.

Customers can learn more about Tint World and its services by visiting Tintworld.com.

The store also plans to have a child play area for younger visitors and windows to see the cars being worked on.


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