November 28, 2022


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These Are The Car Brands That Earned Your Family’s Loyalty

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My wife and I are Toyota only now.

We got a 2007 Sienna new. Every control was in a logical place, the van rode well, handled acceptably, got acceptable gas mileage (for the time), and had great visibility. 15 years later, and it pretty much feels like the same van we got new all those years ago. In 260k miles it has required very little repairs and all of them were pretty routine and minor.

So when we went used car shopping about 9 years ago, a 2004 Camry with 120k miles didn’t scare us off. Since it was a stick, we got a great deal on it. When we go on a trip and park the Camry at the airport, we know that unless we get another Camry at the rental car place, it will feel like a downgrade. It’s needed basically nothing (ok, dead rear strut and a droooling valve cover gasket) and has 230k miles. Runs like a top.

For my wife and I, Toyotas seem perfect. The seats are the right size, shape and comfort level. The ride is great, the handling acceptable for our needs. They just seem to have nailed what we like for a daily driver when it comes to all the compromises. And they last for stank ever. It just isn’t that they put up insane numbers, but they feel like nearly new cars with these insane miles and years.

I know it is popular to crap on Toyota. The are a conservative company that has found and over used the ugly sticks recently. But they make a hell of a good vehicle. And when it comes to putting down the money for a vehicle, it is almost impossible to sign a check for a different manufacturer.

Toyota may not be known as the most fun automaker, though the GR line is certainly starting to convince people otherwise. It is, however, known to be possibly the most reliable — be nice to your ‘Yota, and it’ll outlive your grandkids.

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