December 3, 2022


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The Promise of Software-Defined Vehicles and the Cloud Car Ecosystem | Automotive News

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Building Diverse Functions on a Single Platform

What enabled upstarts to gain ground quickly was their more-agile approach to software development. Unbound by a hardware-oriented mindset, they could innovate and iterate at remarkable speed using thousands of developers. It’s difficult to undo decades of hardware-centric engineering, so how can traditional OEMs catch up? By leveraging a model long trusted in other areas of their business: the ecosystem. 

Automotive manufacturers will always, and rightfully, focus on safety. With an ecosystem, they can also rapidly bridge their skills gaps by tapping into experts in software development, data security, and advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), 5G and more. Wipro’s  Cloud Car ecosystem was created with this outcome in mind, a platform that empowers OEMs to accelerate and yet simplify the development of software-defined vehicles.

This ecosystem includes a consortium of 40+ experts in many technology disciplines, bringing an app-style development and architecture to the automotive platform. Whereas today, there is a tight relationship between automotive software and hardware, in the Cloud Car ecosystem, the hardware-software relationship is largely decoupled. In this new cloud-native structure, microservices and containers transform automotive software development, freeing manufacturers to innovate in non-essential areas like infotainment while ensuring critical safety and security features separately – yet all from a single platform.


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