December 3, 2022


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The History of Concho Barrel Racer

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The history of concho barrel racing began in 1874 when a horse named Silver Gold was bred from the bloodline of Boogey, the twin brother of Scamper. It also shows the evolution of barrel racing into roping events and bronc riding. The name concho has remained in use since then, but who was the first concho barrel racer? And what is the bloodline of the Silver Gold Concho?

Silver Gold Concho barrel racer

If you want to remember the silver, gold Concho barrel racer history, look no further than the famous brand. This barrel racer features a Roper-Barrel Racer and hand-carved ENTZ panel tooling. It is 3″ wide with a screw-back attachment.

First phase conchos were made from silver dollars. The Native silversmiths did not know how to solder, so they melted coins and carved them into shape. They then engraved a design on the concho. The first phase conchos were diamond-shaped with a bar through the middle. A leather belt would loop through this bar. A concho is also sometimes worn as a necklace.

Scamper’s twin

Charmayne and Scamper’s love affair with barrel racing began when Charmayne named her pony Scamper. The pony’s twin conchos were the perfect match for Charmayne, who has ridden barrel horses for years. The duo’s bond was so strong that they won the World Championship Barrel Racer title ten times a row. Charmayne credits Patterson with treating Scamper’s respiratory disease and periodic lameness caused by a bone spur.

The story of Charmayne James’s Scamper is a fascinating one. She was born in Clayton, N.M., where the first barrel racing National Finals were held, before moving to Oklahoma City. But Charmayne hadn’t been born when the first National Finals were held in Clayton, so she didn’t have a chance to place in the average until the eighth go-round. She wasn’t feeling well at the time and had changed her feed. She purchased Scamper when he was five years old.

Connie Combs Basket ENTZ

The Connie Combs Basket ENTZ is an all-purpose barrel racer endorsed by the most successful barrel racer in history. This saddle features a combination Roper and Barrel Racer, hand stamped Basket and ENTZ panel tooling. It also includes a roughout seat jockey, stainless laced Rawhide cantle, and Rawhide Bell stirrups.

Connie Combs Running On Luck

Connie Combs is an iconic figure in barrel racing. Her daughter Gretchen has a horse by Wonders Cowboy Dan. Gretchen has ridden the mare several times, winning youth titles and multiple NBHA championships. Prairie Circuit Hi Money Earner raised the mare in 2013.

The Connie Combs Running On Luck Barrel Racing saddle features Basket Floral tooling with colorful inlaid Silver conchos. The saddle is made to Connie’s specifications and includes a roughout seat jockey, scalloped cantle, and hand-laced Rawhide binder. The saddle is a comfortable, lightweight option for barrel racing. It also features AcuSuedeTM seat material that resists abrasion. Stainless laced Rawhide binder, a hand-lacing process, and roughout leather fenders. | Newsphere by AF themes.