December 5, 2022


Born to perform

Old Cars Reader Wheels: 1929 Ford Model A Custom/Hot Rod Pickup

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Robert Blockoff owns this great Ford Customized. What began as a “Man Cave” decoration ended up a warm rod.

“I not long ago picked this up from a actually good person in California. I had it delivered to Idaho, exactly where I polish it way as well considerably!”

“It begun out with a gentleman in Indiana, who was at a nearby Ford Swap meet. As it turns out, he had just completed a man cave in his basement and saw the cowl sitting down there. He imagined, ‘Man, that would make a really good display piece in my male cave.’.As he was walking out, the fellow he just ordered it from said, ‘Let me know when you get it on the highway.’ That assertion trapped with him and when he received household, he determined there was a greater daily life for the dilapidated cowl than sitting down in his decor… and this is what he finished up with!”


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