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MKBHD Compares The Ford F150 Lightning To An iPhone

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By Anthony Henson, June 28, 2022

It’s an appealing comparison to make, the Ford F150 Lightning is the Iphone of Pickup trucks. But how does MKBHD know that? How did he attain that summary? He’s driven the Rivian, so MKBHD has a benchmark. To seriously affirm the idea, MKBHD wants to take a look at the Tesla Cybertruck. As we all know the Cybertruck is delayed. So, for now, the Ford F150 Lightning is the Apple iphone of Pickup vans.

But I do not agree with MKBHD when he claims the F150 Lighting is the one of the most critical vehicles in the environment. Who is the F150 crucial to? and why is it significant? The F150 gasoline model is important to the United States since it sells in excess of 700k models annually earning it the greatest promoting car or truck in America.

So the F150 model is vital to Ford and its consumer base, but how much F150 Lightning’s will be offered? Ford statements it has 200,000 reservations or pre-orders, what percentage converts into a sale is not acknowledged. Even so, Ford is ramping up production to satisfy that demand from customers that means it is really probable Ford is self-confident it can meet up with that desire.

When you have such unbelievable demand from customers for a wholly new generation, a new philosophy of auto then Ford will most likely operate into top quality management problems. So hope Ford to challenge a remember of the 150 Lights around some free steering bolt or whatnot. Anyway, we believe MKBHD acquired slightly carried absent as a outcome of sudden about-enthusiasm.

I have to say, I do like the F150 Lightning a great deal, it isn’t the most essential motor vehicle in the planet, but it is the most significant vehicle Ford has at any time created.

Ford F150 Lightning Review by MKBHD


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