December 1, 2022


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Manual Toyota GR Supra Confirmed For SA

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It seems Toyota’s Gazoo Racing division really does listen to its customers. The breaking news today is that the company is going to produce a manual Toyota GR Supra. Even better news is that the three-pedal version will be coming to South Africa.

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Short and sweet

Official news of the manual Toyota GR Supra came via Toyota Australia. Although rumour about this new derivative has been doing the rounds for some time. The press release said the following.

The GR Supra sportscar will soon be offered in Australia with a newly developed manual transmission, designed to offer a unique dynamic experience while meeting the demand of driving purists.

The manual transmission will enhance the Supra’s signature racing DNA with a pure and unique driving experience. Toyota Gazoo Racing (TGR) took on feedback from customers and fans alike in developing the manual transmission.

The news was accompanied by a single image of a footwell showing three pedals. Talk about getting to the point.

Heading to SA

We reached out to representatives from Toyota SA for comment. The response: Yes the manual Toyota GR Supra is on the cards for a Q3/Q4 introduction. We will show the new variant at the Festival of Motoring alongside GR86. 

Learn more about the GR86 by clicking this link.

This is great for driving enthusiasts who were disappointed when the sportscar was introduced exclusively with an automatic transmission. Adding a manual into the line-up will add further appeal to Toyota’s range-leading sportscar. The manual Supra will be the third GR-developed product sold locally after the GR Yaris and upcoming GR86.

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A six-speed manual will be mated with the BMW-sourced 3,0-litre motor. We suspect the new transmission may be offered with a slightly more powerful version of the turbocharged inline six. The Supra already offers 285 kW in some markets, as opposed to the 250 we have now.


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