February 2, 2023


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Lucid Takes Upcoming Air EV Cold-Weather Testing

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  • Lucid took two beta versions of its Air sedan cold-weather testing in Minnesota and has just released video.
  • Cold-weather testing is crucial to see how components work in less than ideal conditions and to make sure traction and stability control can handle slick roads.
  • The company wouldn’t share battery results from the testing, but as Car and Driver testing on other EVs has shown, cold weather is very tough on battery range.

    All vehicles have to undergo some sort of cold-weather testing, and EVs are no different. Electric-vehicle startup Lucid took two prototypes of its upcoming Air luxury sedan to Minnesota to give the car a chance to prove its worth ahead of production.

    Two of the company’s beta prototypes took the trip up north to validate the Air’s ability to handle not just cold weather, but icy conditions. The automaker shared a video of the vehicles deftly navigating the course and essentially just looking cool. But these tests help OEMs adjust safety and traction systems so that when drivers get behind the wheel after the first snow, they’re less likely to end up careening off the road.

    For EVs, cold-weather testing is especially important to help gauge the drop in battery efficiency when the temperatures go low. Lucid said during its testing the temperature dropped to negative 27 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, the company was mum on how that affected the range of its battery packs. That information will likely have to wait for when the production version of the Lucid Air is unveiled.

    The automaker had planned to unveil the vehicle at the New York auto show. But that show was postponed until late August amid coronavirus concerns.

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