February 2, 2023


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Lordstown Motors Shows Upcoming Electric Truck on Test Track

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  • Lordstown Motors released the first two in a series of videos meant to highlight the testing of its upcoming Endurance pickup.
  • The Chevy Silverado in the video is a “donor body” the company is using to test the vehicle’s chassis.
  • The automaker announced that it’s working to maintain its schedule but is dependent on suppliers and partners that may be delayed by the pandemic.

    Lordstown Motors, pushing ahead with plans to release its Endurance electric truck, is testing the chassis of the vehicle according to these videos. One thing you might notice is that the body of the truck looks nothing like the renderings we’ve seen of the upcoming Endurance. Instead, it looks like a Chevy Silverado wrapped in mule camouflage.

    The automaker shared two videos in the past 24 hours of the chassis of its Endurance electric truck driving through mud, over speed bumps, and up steep grades. One of the videos is just a few seconds of the undercarriage, in which you can see the suspension and wheel driving through mud. The second is a quick-cut series of shots that we’re anticipating is a preview for the series of videos the automaker announced it’ll be releasing every Tuesday and Thursday until April 23.

    The new automaker also announced that it’s working to maintain its schedule to deliver the truck to customers in late 2020 but noted that it’s dependent on partners and suppliers. All automotive brands are dealing with delays and shut-down factories during the coronavirus pandemic. Startups are in particularly difficult positions since they don’t have the revenue stream coming from already built inventory.

    2021 Lordstown Endurance.

    Lordstown Motors

    So don’t be too surprised if the Endurance launch slips into 2021. In the meantime, you can see splashing about on a muddy track over the next few weeks while wearing a Silverado coat.

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