Businessman Pradikto, who is also a car rally driver and a racing organiser, said the prize money offered by Mini 4WD competitions have been so lucrative that more and more real car hobbyists like himself are turning to Mini 4WD racing.

“(Real car) rallies cost a lot of money. You spend a lot of money to build the cars and have them shipped. Organisers also spend a lot of money to stage the event, obtain permits, buy insurance and so on. And the prize money is small,” he said.

Pradikto noted that rallies for real cars are for the joy and pride of the hobbyists and they are not likely to break even or make a living from participating in competitions. 

He added that this was not the case with model car rallies.  

“In (Mini 4WD) you spend a relatively small amount of money and the prize money is bigger than a real-life rally. You have (Mini 4WD) competitions with a total prize of 50 million (US$3,499), even 100 million (US$6,998).”  


Mini 4WD’s sudden popularity also attracted the attention of the Indonesian Motor Association (IMI) which in September 2021 officially recognised Mini 4WD as part of the sporting organisation’s motorsport gaming division.

Before this, according to Pradikto, anyone could stage their own competition and call it a national championship with no standard ules and regulations.

At the same time, big firms were also hesitant to sponsor events because of the absence of a formal organisation managing them, he said. 


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