Luxury Suv Rental Dubai - Hire 5 & 6 Seater SUVS with Chauffeur

“There aren’t any easy rules to get SUV rental Dubai”, you might have said before but that’s not a good piece of advice. Just like anything else in life, there are certain little secrets that can help you to get what you want easily. When it comes to getting an SUV for rent in Dubai, you should always keep a few things in mind and they include the following:

There are no easy rules to get SUV rental in Dubai. However, you should follow some basic guidelines and they include: A Budget is Your friend – Never let your budget get the better of you. It’s easy to spend too much money on a car but you can’t afford to buy one either. Set a realistic budget and try to stick to it. If you need a fancy car with a leather interior and top speed of 180 miles per hour, then set a budget accordingly. This also includes all the extras that come with the car such as air conditioning, power windows, tinting and more.

Rules Of Thumbs in SUV Rental dubai:

The Rules of thumb are simple – Most of the time, you should travel in the wee hours of the morning when the traffic is slowest. If you have to rent a car during the middle of the afternoon or evening, it’s best to pick up early as these are the most crowded times. The rule about the size of the car? No stupid question!

Be a smart shopper – Shopping is fun and there are SUV dealers in Dubai that cater to luxury car shoppers. They have showrooms and display counters where you can check out a car from a variety of makes, models and colors. Some of these counters have counters with digital screens so that you can read all the details that are included in the brochure including mileage, price and other helpful information. These counters are open from Sunday to Friday and Saturday.

Don’t forget to ask – You should definitely get a representative from the car company to visit your location to talk you through the rules and terms before you sign on the dotted line. This way, you won’t be caught off guard by the fees that are suddenly presented to you or by the fine print in the contract. Many people get surprised when they’re charged extra for something they didn’t expect.

Things to keep in Mind:

Know the terms – One of the biggest mistakes people make when they rent an SUV in Dubai is that they are not fully aware of all the fees and charges. For example, a one-day trip to drive the car back to Dubai after renting it can cost nearly Dhs 500. Be sure to find out what’s covered in the contract. Also be sure to find out if you need to pay for a return journey. Sometimes, you’ll only be charged the transport cost.

Go in with a plan – Once you’ve visited a few rental companies, you’ll probably have a general idea of what you want. That’s great. However, with so many options available, it’s important to have a plan B when you hear about deals you like so you don’t end up getting charged more than you need to. For example, if you know you’ll only be taking one vehicle, it’s usually cheaper to rent the vehicle for a day rather than signing a long-term agreement.