December 2, 2022


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Here’s everything we saw at Luftgekuhlt 8 through the lens of a Porsche Design film camera

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A couple of weeks ago my buddy Noah Wheeler asked me if he could use for media credentials to Luftgekuhlt 8 on behalf of FlatSixes. Normally I’d yell “heck no” simply because I’d be there to experience that certain slice of Porsche heaven myself, but due to the fact the previous Luftgekuhlt on the west coastline, I’ve relocated to far flung Cleveland, Ohio, and couldn’t drag myself absent from function to fly out for the function. Since of this, I jumped at the possibility to deliver Noah’s photographic skills to the FlatSixes loyals. To sweeten the pot, he available to shoot the full function on aged-faculty movie with a ‘Design by F.A. Porsche’ Rollei QZ35W. I suggest, how amazing is that? Of course I signed the required paperwork and received him the necessary photo passes. Not only did Noah get to shoot the entirety of the occasion on Sunday, but he obtained access to get pics all through the load-in approach on Saturday, which adds a minor excess sizzle.

Primarily based on the pictures he sent listed here, it was a good wager to make. The party by itself appears to be like it went off to predictable amounts of astounding. I was a tiny amazed to see Luft return to the Port of Los Angeles for their event this year, as it had previously held an event at that location in 2017, but it was fairly a ton unique this time, as the weather conditions basically cooperated. With numerous many years of local community enhancement, a complete scad of new almost never-found automobiles at the clearly show, and a extensive assortment of people today in attendance, it was always sure to be a great celebration, in any case. From people who attended, it looks the celebration has been scaled back a minimal bit, with a little bit additional target on the early days of Luft fashion. It’s less about acquiring every person attend, and a a lot more exceptional chill vibe. Possessing been to Luftgekuhlts 3, 5, and 6, I can say it has been a wild trip to see this celebration mature, but it was possibly out of handle and desired to tranquil down a minor.

So in any case, Luft 8 was terrific. Test out the pictures below for more proof. See you at the next just one!

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