November 26, 2022


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Goodyear working on airless tyres, lunar vehicles the test bed

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Goodyear is likely to the moon the moment once more!

US tyre organization Goodyear has announced it is partnering with aerospace giant Lockheed Martin to build new airless lunar automobile tyres for its forthcoming Lunar Terrain Automobile (LTV).

As beforehand in-depth, this LTV is remaining co-produced by Lockheed Martin and Common Motors (GM) and will be battery-powered and attribute autonomous abilities.

The LTV will be the 1st of a lot of types of surface area cars expected for the NASA’s Artemis software, which is currently prepared to kick off in 2025 and will have the first girl and very first individual of colour walk on the moon.

Goodyear has a very long record of acquiring airless tyre know-how and provided goods, like tyres, for NASA’s Apollo 11 mission in 1969.

For this most current iteration of lunar airless tyre technological know-how, Goodyear is drawing from its current airless autonomous shuttle and passenger vehicle tyre technological innovation.

It will have to withstand temperatures ranging from -156 levels Celsius to 121 degrees Celsius and be made “for several years of durability”.

Goodyear and Lockheed Martin say they presently have check ideas of the LTV with its airless lunar tyres in lunar soil check beds.

“Everything we study from creating tyres for the Moon’s particularly hard running surroundings will assist us make greater airless tyres on Earth,” explained Goodyear main technologies officer Chris Helsel.

Airless tyres at a buyer stage are on the cutting-edge of tyre technology and are claimed to demand much less maintenance and reduce the total of tyres scrapped owing to punctures.

The most challenging aspect of consumer-amount airless tyres is how they perform compared to conventional pneumatic tyres.

Goodyear isn’t the only company performing on airless tyres, with Michelin preparing its possess purchaser airless tyres for a 2024 market place start.

Initial revealed in 2019, Michelin has been doing work on its airless Uptis consumer automobile tyre for all over 10 years.

Standing for Special Puncture-evidence Tyre Process, these tyres never need to have air in get to be inflated.

This isn’t the only form of airless tyre that Michelin is performing on.

The organization now has its Tweel airless radial tyres that are accessible for acquire in North The us.

These tyres are meant for ATVs, golf automobiles, ride-on mowers, as perfectly as modest commercial purposes.

They have been also observed in the HBO Television set series, Westworld, fitted to Can-Am Maverick X3 ATVs in prototype form.

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