January 28, 2023


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General information about Tesla electric cars and their future

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Tesla: the iPhone of electric vehicles or just another car company? |  Financial Times

Since the beginning of the world, humans have always looked for ways to improve the tools they have at their disposal to make them more effective. The same has been applied to transportation with the result being a major upgrade in means of transportation from foot and animals such as donkeys and horses to cars, trains, planes, and speedboats among others.

The look of cars and their efficiency has also seen major upgrades since the invention of the first automobile on the 29th of January, 1886. Today, there are hundreds of millions of nice cars being used by people across the world. However, this has not stopped research and development on cars. The latest developments that are being pursued in the car world include electric cars and self-driving cars. Tesla happens to be one of the companies that are at the forefront of these 2 technologies. They are easily the first when it comes to electric cars as of November 2020, while they are among the top 5 when it comes to driverless cars.

Electric cars today are no longer a thing of the future even though there were high hopes about it even when it was still a plan in the process. In 2018, Tesla sold 245,240 units of cars and 367,849 units of cars in 2019. 81 percent of battery electric vehicles that were sold in the first 6 months of 2002 were Tesla vehicles as well. Hence, the company is positioning itself as a major brand when it comes to electric vehicles.

With the current plan by some countries to phase out cars that run on gasoline and combustion engines over the next few years and embrace a clean energy car like the Tesla electric vehicles, it could easily be concluded that the future is going to be very bright for Tesla. As those vehicles are being phased out and more people purchase electric vehicles, Tesla is going to be recording higher sales, and even by the time other popular car makers like Toyota and Mercedes start to make their electric vehicles, people are likely to still want to have a Tesla in their fleet or prefer Tesla because they would believe that they have been making electric vehicles for a longer time, hence, their vehicles should be more reliable.

Actions you could take with Tesla

If you are looking for a brand whose car you can buy, especially if you want an electric car or a car that runs on clean energy, you can buy a Tesla car from their company or rent a Tesla car from other reputable car companies. You can read car companies’ reviews to know which companies you can rent a Tesla car from. You can also read reviews on platforms like us-reviews to know which brand of Tesla car is the best that you can buy based on your needs.

Another action you can take is in line with investment. If you are looking for an auto company that you can invest in, especially for long term rewards, you might want to consider investing in Tesla.

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