December 3, 2022


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Flat Rat: A Slammed1950 Ford COE Firetruck On Air

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I know, I know, I said I’d put up additional of this 1950 Ford COE just around a week ago. My negative, I got a tiny distracted. I’ll expose why soon. But, choose these additional photographs of my penance.

This truck, acknowledged as the Flat Rat hails from Keswick Ontario and was constructed by it is proprietor Scott Badger (@keswickscott).

Scott has owned the truck cab about ten yrs now. Matters definitely obtained going on the truck about 5 years in the past, with major development getting produced during the pandemic.

From guiding the tilt taxi to where by the tailor made four-url commences is most of a widened Chevy 3500 chassis. Forward of the front wheels is largely manufacturing unit Ford with signficant modifications carried out to make the steering work at the truck’s new peak.

The motor is a 7.3L Powerstroke with a T4 turbo enhance backed by an automatic transmission.

Scott managed to hold as considerably unique as he could, but he did have to change a bit of sheet metal below and on the taxi. The new additions have been sprayed by Scott in both white or red.

Scott and his son also manufactured all 11 ft of the mattress from scratch.

Almost nothing additional than an English wheel and a Princess Automobile bead roller was utilized in the mattress building.

In simple fact, the complete truck was crafted in a fairly humble home garage. Proving once once more that wherever there’s a will there is a way when it arrives to do-it-oneself fabrication. One thing that undoubtedly presented a bit of drive for my own venture.

The tailgate of the truck is truly a 2nd COE entrance end that has been modified to make a tailgate. Scott crammed the grill, created it hinge and took the Super Duty embossing from a late design ford.

“If this is not Tremendous Responsibility I do not know what is,” Scott said.

For the eagle-eyed, indeed the tail lights are rotated variations from a 65 Ford Mustang, Really intelligent if you question me.


Definitely, this truck is extremely significantly up my alley and I hope to see a lot more of it all over again quickly.

Ontario is back jamming yet again and I’m totally below for it!


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