Featured Classifieds: 1933 Ford Coupe

The thing about the Third Reich and Henry Ford is… Kidding. Joke. Don’t send that email… I’m good. You’re good. We are all good.

The other day, a buddy of mine asked me about a “reasonable” starting point for an early Ford traditional hot rod that didn’t terminate with him in the poor house – the location of said poor house, of course, being relative. “Can a sub $30k 1932-34 Ford be built in this day and age?” he asked.

My answer? So long as you are down with casual hot rods, hell yes.

Here’s an example. Start with this pieced together 1933 Ford and set your sites for 1956. Clean up the frame, get the stance proper, and throw in some motor mounts for a period detailed 265-inch Chevrolet. Back that with a stock 4-speed converted with a floor shifter. Finish it with a ’57 Ford 9-inch rear.

For the body, I like my 5-windows chopped. Once done, I’d just spot prime the areas that need it and move on to piecing together the interior and figuring the finishing details. By the time you’re done, you’re smarter and you’re driving a 1933 Ford for under $30k.

So… What are you waiting for?


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