• To meet expected demand for its upcoming Cybertruck and newly released Model Y, Tesla is scouting more potential Gigafactory locations in middle America.
  • Nashville, Tennessee, is on the short list, according to reports.
  • Musk had previously tweeted about a location in Texas.

    Tesla needs more factory space. It has the Model Y spinning up production, and the low-polygon-count Cybertruck is set to start appearing in the large garages of owners probably in late 2021. To help avoid the sort of delays that plagued the Model 3, the company is looking to build a new Gigafactory, and CEO Elon Musk is eyeballing the “central USA” for the location.

    In a series of tweets, the Tesla CEO noted the location that the company is looking into and why. Calling it the Cybertruck Gigafactory, Musk also noted that it will likely be the location of Model Y production for the East Coast.

    TechCrunch reports that Tesla is in talks with Nashville officials, adding that city to the short list of contenders to become home to the latest Gigafactory. Tesla would be following Volkswagen and Nissan, which are already building vehicles in Tennessee.

    Last month, Musk tweeted asking people their opinion of a Gigfactory in Texas via an online poll. What the CEO is essentially doing is trying to gauge which local governments will offer the best incentives for his company to build in their location. In 2014, the company was able to secure a $1.3 billion incentive package from Nevada to build the first Gigafactory.

    His tweet already has replies from the Oklahoma Secretary of Commerce, the governor of Colorado, the Cherokee Nation of Businesses, and a congressman from Arkansas looking to chat with the CEO about making their respective areas the home of the Cybertruck and Model Y.

    Tesla is set to break ground on a factory in Berlin and began production of the Model 3 in its newest factory in Shanghai.

    Currently, the Model Y is being built in the company‚Äôs Fremont, California, factory. This week, a Model Y was touted as the millionth Tesla to be built. That’s a huge milestone for EVs and the company. No wonder the “central USA” is rolling out the red carpet hoping to woo that electric-vehicle builder.

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