January 28, 2023


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Damaged C8 Corvettes Are Being Parted Out on eBay after Tornado

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Screenshot: Stricker Auto Parts on Facebook

When a tornado struck General Motors’ Bowling Green Assembly plant in December, it caused fires and leaks that forced GM to write off 122 Corvette vehicles. Those Corvettes, mostly still on the assembly line, died before they ever got to live.

But thanks to CorvetteBlogger, which was tipped off by one of its readers, we now know that the ‘Vettes didn’t die completely in vain. The site located a bunch of eBay listings by user Stricker Auto Parts for 2022 Corvette parts, pulled from cars that in some cases show 0 miles on the odometer.

c8 corvette convertible roof assembly

Screenshot: Stricker Auto Parts on eBay

Because cars always leave the factory with a few miles on them, we assume that these are parts from cars that never got finished. Plus, CorvetteBlogger notes that some of the listings that show full cars have “X” marked on the windshield; the site also spotted this marking on the tornado-damaged cars in drone footage from the factory. There aren’t enough listings to know if all of the 122 written-off Corvettes will eventually be parted out by the same seller, but if you’re looking for never-used C8 parts with some interesting history, we recommend perusing the Stricker Auto Parts eBay listings.

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