December 5, 2022


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Could Mini be working on one?

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Where are the electric powered convertibles?

It’s a niche that’s not at all represented in today’s market—and there has not been a solitary new one given that the Tesla Roadster. 

Now Mini has hinted that it’s contemplating about the likelihood of an electric convertible that is not only compact but affordable—perhaps as part of the “completely electrified design family” that it states will coexist with internal combustion models for some many years. It is designed a one-off Mini Cooper SE Convertible that demonstrates, effectively, how the Mini Cooper SE could be translated to open-best type. And it is bringing the model out to exhibit Mini lovers in a “Mini Requires the States” event functioning from Burlington, Vermont, to Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Utilizing the entire body of the Mini Cooper S Convertible, the Cooper SE Convertible borrows the 184-hp electrical motor from the Cooper SE hatchback, fitting the open up car or truck with a power comfortable top rated that can be activated at up to 19 mph. It delivers an in-in between sunroof mode as well. 

Mini Cooper SE Convertible concept

Mini Cooper SE Convertible strategy

Mini Cooper SE Convertible concept

Mini Cooper SE Convertible idea

Mini Cooper SE Convertible concept

Mini Cooper SE Convertible thought

So considerably, the auto is strictly for show—and most likely especially, to demonstrate it’s doable. Mini has not unveiled what type of specific modifications the vehicle necessary to compensate for all the more pounds of the battery pack, but the corporation hints that it’s seriously considering the idea in how it is introduced the specs.

It states that the Cooper SE Convertible will speed up to 62 mph in 7.7 seconds that is about a second slower than the Cooper SE, but however swift sufficient when you are very low to the floor and open to the sky. 

At a control excess weight of just 3,144 lbs, the Cooper SE is presently the lightest production electric passenger car marketed in the U.S. The gasoline Cooper S Convertible starts off at 3,018 pounds, adding less than 200 pounds of extra excess weight as opposed to the hardtop model. So we’d suspect a bit more bolstering for a SE Convertible could bring the curb fat close to 3,400 pounds. 

Mini Cooper SE Convertible concept

Mini Cooper SE Convertible notion

Mini details to a vary of 143 miles (230 km) on the WLTP test cycle for the convertible, which is only a little bit below that of the SE hardtop—so anticipate only somewhat much less than the EPA range of 114 miles if these kinds of a product were being to be designed. 

At that, the Cooper SE Convertible would be a specialized niche automobile and a minimalist hard work, aimed at evening cruises and speedy blasts out on region roadways. But isn’t that what convertibles are all about anyway?


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