December 5, 2022


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Consumer spending on automotive repairs way up in Lafayette Parish, data shows | Business

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Consumer spending on automotive needs in Lafayette Parish shot up in April and remains well ahead of last year’s totals.

Data from the Lafayette Economic Development Authority indicates sales at auto parts stores, service stations and repair shops are each above at least 15% of last year’s totals and were a month removed from some of the biggest months on record. It was part of another month of increased retail sales in the parish as total sales topped $699 million that month, a 6% increase over April 2021.

Due to the chip shortage and scarcity of new cars in Lafayette and across the country, many consumers are holding on to aging vehicles instead of buying new ones. Last month sales at auto parts in Lafayette Parish reached $10.3 million after reaching $11.3 million in March, the first time sales topped $10 million in consecutive months.

Sales at service stations were at $1.9 million after reaching $2.3 million in March, putting sales 47% ahead of last year. Sales at repair shops in April topped $4.9 million after climbing to $7.8 million in March, putting sales 16% ahead of last year.

In the city of Lafayette, taxable sales topped $475 million, the second-highest total for a month on record and just behind the $487 million collected in March.


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