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Competition (or Special Edition) Model Spotted

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Latest compiled info for the G87 M2 model [from the Future BMW Models Info Thread]:

G87 M2

  • Production 12/22-07/29
  • Production only at SLP Mexico
  • Same S58 as G80/G82 under the hood, tuned to 455hp. RWD.
  • Will be available with a manual and an automatic. Most options will be the same as G80/G82, and I don’t see much of that decontenting that was done with the original F87 compared with F80/F82. Though ceramic brakes and bucket seats seem to be missing, all the drivetrain and suspension things are the same as G82, and even carbon roof will be an option. The wheels will be 19″ front and 20″ rear, G87 specific design. The first four months of its production will fall into the “M 50th anniversary” period so expect the initial run to become somewhat collectible. And the new dashboard will be standard from day one.
  • G87 M2 Competition will indeed be called “M2 Competition”.

March 23, 2022

First good overall look at the G87 M2 with M Performance Parts!

Spy video from Nurburgring on March 23, 2022

M2 appears at 5:00 mark.

New spy photo on March 20, 2022: M2 spotted again with M Performance Parts and Exhaust.

Name:  G87_M2_MPP.jpg
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New spy photo on March 17, 2022 showing M Performance Parts for the new M2, with quad tip stacked exhaust, trunk spoiler wing.

Name:  09FD4BBD-E7DA-475A-8BD7-372897D741AB.jpg
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New spy pics February 14, 2022.

The M2 was just spotted out testing against the M240, giving us a good look at how they compare in looks.

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Updated Pics of January 13, 2022:

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Updated October 14, 2021:

Here’s spy pics of the G87 M2 Competition (or Special Edition) model spotted testing on the Nurburgring today.

Updated September 24, 2021:

G87 M2 Competition model first look – spied on video!

Updated July 22, 2021:

Our photographer spotted this G87 M2 prototype today and for the first time we get a look at the next M2’s kidney grilles, all but confirming the front bumper / fascia design seen in the recent leaked M2 bumper images from China (reposted below)!

Prototype grille:

Name:  Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 4.53.34 PM.jpg
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Compare to the leaked bumper photos:

Name:  CF738-B8-A-DB9-D-4-BC6-B79-A-2-DB4-DC657-C6-D.jpg
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Name:  2745-CBFB-DF2-F-4891-A4-E2-71-F237-DAB07-C.jpg
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Name:  G87 M2 Front Bumper 3.jpg
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Name:  G87 M2 Front Bumper 2.jpg
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Updated by administrators on July 14, 2021 with latest spy pics of the G87 prototype.

The spied interior shows upgraded wraparound display screens (the G42 2-series gets the standard displays)


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