December 1, 2022


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Chevrolet Silverado ZL1 Imagined As Widebody Muscle Bound Moron

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By Dave Sorrendino, June 29, 2022

Is this Chevrolet Silverado ZL1 a Yankee Doodle or Yankee Doodle do Roids? On initial impressions, it appears to be extra muscle-certain moron tanked up on an illegal supply of steroids bought at the neighborhood fitness center which is what. The united states, when the land of Apple Pie and illegal profession of indigenous tribal land, is now a land of Pickup Truck homeowners. Typically these Pickup vehicles are pushed by adult males who frequent Gyms the place they pump much more steroids than time expended doing work out.

You can recognize the steroid abusers, they aimlessly meander about the nearby health and fitness center doing almost nothing other than acquiring a informal chat with fellow steroid abusers. They will devote no extra than 10 minutes pumping iron whereupon the total Health and fitness center echoes with the seem of “HUUUHHHGHHHhhh!”  Immediately after, they shell out the relaxation of their session chatting absent right up until its time to pump yet additional steroid juice and right away thereafter push home.

To celebrate this life-style @Jlord8 decided to place pen to Wacom tablet and think about what sort of car or truck a steroid-pumping Yankee Doodle Gymnasium junkie would push. The result is a muscle vehicle pickup, an oxymoron of types, but not as moronic as these oversized, muscle mass-bound steroid-pumping morons.

The strategy rendering demonstrates a widened and reduced Silverado ZL1, with its suggest-on the lookout double-stacked grille and flared facet skirts. As with the stock ZL1, this case in point is presumably powered by the inventory 650bhp supercharged V8. But it is all imaginary… or is it?

Chevrolet Silverado ZL1 Widebody Pickup Truck


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