February 2, 2023


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Car insurance costs compared in recently released survey

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The cost of car insurance is always changing — and right now, the state just released a new survey comparing these costs across North Dakota.

Twenty auto insurance companies were invited to participate in the annual North Dakota Insurance Department survey.

As many of you know, the price of insurance takes a lot into consideration, including age, marital status, credit score, driving record and more.

Some policies will cost you only a couple of hundred dollars; some a lot more.

But the director of Property and Causalities with the state’s Insurance Department says the hot topic this year in North Dakota actually deals with food delivery drivers.

They also have to see if they have the coverage they need.

“We’re looking at more of an uptick with in the survey it has gig drivers, is that their utilizing it for a supplemental job. So they’re delivering food for different restaurants and such so that typically the coverage that we would have is strictly covering passengers not particularly the food that is being delivered,” said Janelle Middlestead.

The state says if you are struggling to pay for insurance, you may qualify for the state’s assigned risk car insurance plan, regardless of your driving record.


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