December 7, 2022


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Automakers work with dealerships to train EV techs on how to stay safe

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Ford is yet another mainstream brand name remaining proactive with EV certification. As with other dealerships, Ford franchisees should be EV-licensed right before offering and servicing EV models.

“The teaching is precise to the battery and the large-voltage parts of the battery, and that is why we are requiring that certification, mentioned Elizabeth Tarquinto, supervisor of complex guidance functions at Ford.

“If they are likely to be capable to do any operate on the battery alone, they should choose this class. It can be from a safety standpoint, generally,” she claimed.

The method entails a mixture of internet-based and classroom classes at a single of 40 Ford teaching centers throughout the region.

“We want them to have hands-on knowledge with the battery,” Tarquinto mentioned. “We are even employing some augmented fact technologies to do some of this training. From there, technicians can transfer to highly developed electronics and high-voltage coaching.”

Ford maintains 10 complex assist operation managers throughout the U.S. to guidance industry services engineers and its training office.

As the rollout of EVs has not been as fluid as hoped since of source chain concerns plaguing just about all suppliers, servicing has taken a slower strategy.

“We will regulate it to our quantity, but appropriate now, we are requiring at least just one qualified technician for each dealership that sells our EVs,” Tarquinto reported. “Of system, if you are servicing hundreds of electrical cars, you will need extra than 1 technician.”

Hernandez, the Hyundai services tech, said there will be extra and additional EVs on the streets in the coming months and a long time, and some of individuals cars will occur to his service bay.

“Performing on these motor vehicles will call for extra knowledge due to the fact of the energy concerned,” he stated. “I under no circumstances thought that to be an automotive tech, I would want to teach like a power corporation lineman.”


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