December 5, 2022


Born to perform

Auto insurer goes after metro Detroit towing, repair shops over bills

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The Collision Repair Shop in Ferndale.

An auto insurer that is new to Michigan is suing numerous towing and collision repair shops in metro Detroit, claiming the businesses are charging extortionate prices such as more than $2,000 for a tow and $150 or more per day for vehicle storage.

The insurance company, known as CURE or Citizens United Reciprocal Exchange, says it has sued about a dozen area towing and collision shops since this spring and filed its latest lawsuit this week.

Most of its lawsuits in Wayne County Circuit Court are against private businesses whose towing and storage rates aren’t regulated by the City of Detroit or other municipalities — or at least not regulated during the sort of alleged circumstances in which they took in a CURE customer’s vehicle after a crash.


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