December 7, 2022


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Auto Body Shop Veteran Says DRPs Can Be Profitable If Done Right

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Autobody Information recently sat down with Jim Huard to converse about what is significant to him and the recent condition of the collision fix sector.

Jim and Kelly Huard are the co-homeowners of Painters Collision Centers with two destinations in Queen Creek and Chandler, AZ. Their intention is 10 places inside the up coming two years by way of wise and strategic expansion.


As a physique store owner, what are your major considerations?


Hiring and retaining competent labor is our No. 1 issue.


A shop proprietor advised me one time the tug-of-war among physique shops and insurance coverage firms will hardly ever stop, while it will improve and evolve. Do you agree, and how and why have your interactions with your insurers transformed?


I respectfully disagree I am different in how I view this. All repairers can perform correctly with carriers if they know how to navigate by way of the process. It is not often just about becoming appropriate. But as an alternative of possessing the specifics, the appropriate documentation and the ideal attitude about the connection is what is genuinely critical.


One more system shop owner instructed me the most important trouble in this business is the straightforward fact the insurance policy corporations, in common, really do not shell out ample for repairs. Do you concur?


I yet again respectfully disagree, simply because from my expertise, all insurers will shell out to restore the car or truck effectively. I also believe it is a selection to mend a car or truck properly. Scans, calibrations and the like will be reimbursed as extended as they are thoroughly documented.


I am a DRP operate move person. I am fanatical about quality repairs, and we are super picky about what we restore. The insurance coverage businesses are often watching the bottom line and there is absolutely nothing improper with that. But I really don’t imagine they at any time want us to do sub-par repairs or compromise our top quality to preserve funds.


Are most of your DRPs successful and are you glad with them?


I think that all DRPs are successful for all shops. How do you repair service a car? And how do you generate the estimate? Are you focused on the gross sales combine and creating a finish estimate? Are you complacent and generate very poor estimates and what does your throughput design search like?


Profitability is predicated on great good quality estimates and throughput. This is a tested reality. A shop that produces 1.5 HPD will set 1.8% to the base line, give or choose. A shop producing…


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