December 1, 2022


Born to perform

Ares S1 Speedster Debuts With Wraparound Windscreen

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Those who pay really close attention to this site may recall the Ares S1. This is a low-volume supercar built by the Italian firm Ares. Now the company expands its portfolio with the introduction of the Ares S1 Speedster. Just 24 units of this striking model will be produced.

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A new take

The Ares S1 Speedster is not to be confused with the S1 Spyder (which you can see and read more about here) that had no protection from the wind. The most obvious change for the S1 Speedster is the adoption of a complete, wraparound windscreen. Full frontal protection will probably broaden the appeal of the open-top machine. Other changes up front include completely revamped headlight units.

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Ares press material states: The S1 Speedster was conceived for those wanting to experience the thrill of open-top sports driving but also looking for a more comfortable and refined experience. This experience is guaranteed with the S1 Speedster thanks to the aerodynamic protection offered by the new wraparound and streamlined windscreen, perfectly connected to the curved and muscular lines of the carbon fibre bodywork.

More updates

A few changes were made to the cabin of the original design as the S1 Speedster becomes a production reality. There are new seats along with a new infotainment system. Three digital displays are found in the cabin: one in front of the driver, a large central infotainment interface and a smaller one for the passenger.

Chevy power

The Ares S1 Speedster is based on the S1 Coupe. As a result the open-top car shares the same mechanicals. The source of the platform, and powertrain, is the current Chev Corvette. Under the sleek Italian carbon-fibre suit is a mid-mounted V8.

The naturally aspirated 6,2-litre engine is said to produce 525 kW and over 960 N.m of torque. Drive is sent to the rear wheels through an eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Both versions of the S1 ride on double-wishbone suspensions with adaptive magnetic ride control. 


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