December 3, 2022


Born to perform

2022 Chalk Individual LCI M5 Competition

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In April of 2021, I placed an order for my 6th M5, an Individual M5C, as the lease on my 2019 M5C would be maturing in September of 2021.

The only concern that crossed my mind at the time was the possibility of the new car arriving prior to the lease expiring on the current car.

What would ensue can honestly only be described as MADNESS.

I’m happy that I remained patient during the almost 1-year process and stuck to my original order as spec’d. I would have certainly regretted removing certain options in exchange for the car arriving quicker.

Some “must haves” for my spec were CCB’s, Individual Paint, Bowers and Wilkins and Full Tartufo Interior.

After having had mostly Dark Grays and Blacks on my previous M5’s, I was really looking for something lighter and narrowed the list down to Nardo, Chalk, Fashion Grey, and Hockenheim Silver.

I finally settled on Hockenheim Silver and advised my CA this was my FINAL choice, and he updated my order. A couple of days later, he informed me that BMW discontinued Hockenheim Silver and was not willing to approve our request and, as such, turned to the three other colors I had originally selected.

I discarded Nardo as it was a little darker than what I was looking for and that left Chalk and Fashion Grey. After seeing a Chalk 911 Turbo S in person, my mind was made up. This is one of many colors where pictures simply don’t do it justice and works very well at complimenting the natural lines of the car.

Before I get into the actual spec here’s what my timeline looked like …. I figured this would give many some color on what to expect timing-wise. Take it for what it’s worth as this is really a constantly changing situation.


April 21, 2021- Order placed.

June 10, 2021- Received Production #.

June 12, 2021- Individual Chalk approved by BMW.

Build Week- Originally 27 … later 33,36,38,45,43

October 26, 2021- Production Begins.

November 16, 2021- Dispatched from Factory.

November 26, 2021- In Transit on the “Hoegh Kobe”.

December 11,2021- Received at Baltimore VPC.

December 15, 2021- Work Order started (RAM).

February 18, 2022- Work Order completed and RTC.

February 23, 2022- Arrived at Dealership (Maryland).

March 3, 2022- Car picked up for transport.

March 8, 2022- Car is delivered to Hugh’s Detailing.

April 11, 2022- Car picked up from Hugh’s Detailing.

Here are the details of the spec as well as the initial round of mods.

Most of my attention during this round of mods was driven by appearance and protection, as I plan to keep this car for a while.

A substantial portion of my initial budget focused on paint correction, PPF, Exoshield and ceramic coating. During this round the car was also lowered, spacers were added, and the wheels were powder coated. IND pieces were also part of this round of mods.

I have several more rounds of mods planned but will do them over the course of the next several months each focusing on a specific area of the car.

SPEC & 1st Round of Mods:


• 2022 F90 M5


• Individual Chalk


• Tartufo Full Merino Leather


• Aluminum Dark Carbon Structure


• Competition Package

• Driving Assistance Professional Package

• Executive Package

• M Carbon Ceramic Brakes

• Bowers and Wilkins

M Performance Parts:

• MPP Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps

• MPP Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

• MPP Titanium Exhaust System

• MPP Carbon Fiber Front Splitter

• MPP Carbon Fiber Side Blades

• MPP Carbon Fiber Side Grilles

• M5CS Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler


• 789M Black Powder-Coated.


• Michelin 275/35/20 & 285/35/20


• H&R 11/15 mm


• H&R


• Gloss Black Roundels (Hood and Rear)

• Chalk Front Reflector Delete

• Acexxon Rear Reflector Insert – Gloss Black Honeycomb

• Acexxon Heavy Duty Front Lip Protector


• Paint Correction

• Xpel Paint Protection Film (Full Body + M Performance Parts)

• Xpel Prime XR Tint (Front Glass 70% VLT)

• Xpel Prime XR Tint (Windows and Rear Glass- 35%)

• Modesta BC-08 Neosilica Coating Application

• Modesta EGC Exterior Glass Coating

• Modesta LPS Leather Coating (LPS-01 + LPS-02)

• Modesta BC-06 Wheel Coating

• Exoshield Front Windshield protection

• Radenso Pro-M – Mirror Tap – Blendmount


Anthony O’Brien (BMW of Rockville) was fantastic to work with. Not only did he get quickly get me a 22′ allocation but he offered me 7% off MSRP and that never changed despite the market drastically changing during this period. He also kept my lease payment as originally agreed despite my original deal expiring several times. I learned during this process that many things are out of the hands of dealerships (shortages, production delays, eliminated options, reliable information from BMW) so my measurement is based on the things they control.

Brandon Hugh (Hugh’s Detailing Miami) and his team were nothing short of amazing. My car was delivered straight to them for Paint Correction, Full PPF, Full Ceramic, Tints, Exoshield, Powder coating, IND pieces, Mirror tap and lowering. All I can say is WOW!!!! If perfection and attention to every possible detail is your thing, this is your shop. If you’re in South Florida, I highly recommend them.

Ben (RGSport) is always so helpful and patient and seems to have everything is stock. TY for the suspension and spacers.

IND team for the great customer support and high-quality products.

I’ve only put about 10 miles on the car but absolutely love the CCB’s and the tone of the MPE.

I’ll add some additional thoughts as I get a little more seat time.

I’m scheduled to have a photoshoot soon and will provide some better pictures.

These were shot by my daughter at the University of Miami earlier today.

Thanks for looking!


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