January 28, 2023


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1960s Porsche-Branded Bus Car Hauler Is Uber Cool

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Back in the good old days of motor racing, car brands would transport their creations in buses like this — a 1963 Gillig Model 590 Enclosed Hauler. Now, a refurbished and modified example has been listed on Bring a Trailer, offering the deep-pocketed car enthusiast a chance of owning a piece of automotive history.

This particular example has been modeled on a Porsche transporter, subsequently wearing a red and gray paint scheme that’s adorned with the Porsche logo and crest on the sides, front-end roof, and on the rear split-door. Undoubtedly the coolest way to pull up to a circuit, the bus also features a retrimmed interior comprising a burgundy leather driver’s seat and a three-spoke steering wheel that wears a Porsche center cap, as well as an engine-turned aluminum dash panel housing Stewart-Warner gauges that show an 85 MPH speedometer and a 3,500 RPM tachometer.

If you manage to reach such speeds, you’ll do it thanks to a seven-liter Detroit Diesel 6-71 turbodiesel inline-six paired with an Allison automatic transmission, which like all good Porsches sends the power to the rear wheels.

Lastly, the bus’ true purpose of transporting comes courtesy of a refitted transportation bay, which is lined with black walnut floors and Formica wall panels and features floor tie-downs, an overhead sound system that’s linked to a touchscreen head unit, and custom aluminum ramps that unfold out the rear doors.

Take a look at the 1963 Gillig Model 590 Enclosed Hauler above, and take a look at the listing on BaT before it ends in two days. Currently, the bid is sitting at a staggering $325,000 USD.

In other news, a rare Hartge BMW 325i has also just gone up for auction with BaT.


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